Integrated Business Systems is a privately-owned software editor and consultancy company based in Geneva, Switzerland. We offer a range of analytical products for the banking and financial sector, such as tools for predicting market trends, valuing derivatives, scoring loans, and e-commerce applications.

We also offer our clients a palette of consulting services, drawing on our extensive experience in data analysis, enterprise applications development and systems implementation, integration, configuration, or customization.

Integrated Business Systems is composed of the highest quality professionals, with superior technical acumen, professionalism, interpersonal skills, and personal integrity and ethics. These skills –highly appreciated among our institutional clients — enable IBS consultants to operate at all levels within an organization.


Integrated Business Systems works with a wide range of institutional clients in the sectors of private and commercial banking, trading, insurance, luxury watchmaking, health and pharmaceuticals, and engineering; as well as public sector governmental and non-governmental organizations.