Integrated Business Systems offers a range of analytical products for the banking and financial sectors, advanced tools for predicting market trends, accurately valuing derivatives, scoring loans, valuing securities, and processing financial data.

In addition to our proprietary tools, we are exclusive distributors for a range of the highest performing analytic tools used by top traders worldwide. These analytic utilities and software libraries integrate with all major analytics, proprietary, ALM and servicing systems.

Integrated Business Systems also offers its clients a palette of consulting services covering applications or systems development, systems implementation, integration, configuration, customization, and project management.

Default Model FCS

Integrated Business Systems has tools to model, characterize, and project the likelihood of default on a universe of loans and securities.

Among our financial analytics offerings, the Default Model projects the rates of loan delinquencies and defaults, the Euro balance lost each month due to defaulted loans and the loan populations across a range of delinquency cohorts. The Default Model implements a behavior-based approach to modelling economic activity and uses a metric based on time-independent attributes as an input to compress the dimensionality of the problem. The score captures the combined impact of several loan attributes recorded at origination and represents them in modeling default propensity.

Interest Rate Process

Integrated Business Systems has tools which model, characterize, and project the likelihood of default on a complete universe of loans and securities. Our interest rate process generates a set of possible future interest rate realizations that is completely arbitrage free and consistent with the term structure of interest rates and volatilities. It is uniquely able to simultaneously price ITM and OTM caps, floors and swaptions

Market Trends Analysis

Portfolio Management, trading, and investment decisions become easier with the advent of powerful tools incorporating easy-to-use visual aids.

Integrated Business Systems provides a suite of tools for the financial analyst, portfolio manager, banker or trader with advanced, comprehensive technical analysis indicators and indexes that can be applied to any symbol or instrument, in any market, for any time frame.

Our analyticals suite allows the user to determine the direction of marketplace trends, analyze cyclical activity and predict changes to market indices. The indicators and indexes can be used to generate custom buy and sell signals. You can review quotations on an easy-to-read, real-time chart and apply a full complement of over 60 analytical indicators.

The application is easily parameterized according to your specific needs. A powerful decisional tool based on a simple intuitive interface, it’s easily configurable by the user and comes complete with a comprehensive functionality for specifying buy or sell conditions which, when satisfied, appear as signals on the chart.

Option Pricing

Integrated Business Systems provides pricing models that apply to the full range of options, allowing investors to maximize profits and hedge their risk in as many different ways as possible, thereby limiting the effects of short-term volatility and market gyrations.

Reporting Tools

Integrated Business Systems provides business intelligence tools for Compliance and Enterprise Reporting.